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“I think I over-estimated. It probably isn’t as bad as it is in my head.”

Astrophysics and computer science student at the University of Calgary (U of C), Dante Bencivenga, chooses to do the research he does because, unlike other areas of life, science has an answer.

“Solving math and science problems are more clear. I’m looking for easy problems to solve,” says Bencivenga.

For Bencivenga, “easy” involves scientific and mathematical equations that the majority of people would not have the first clue about.

His curly hair is from his math-teacher-dad; his personality is similar to his doctor-mom’s; he has two sisters who are older than he by six and 10 years – all of who are more private than he.

Bencivenga says that math and science are similar to the journey of life in that it is not only about the destination or solution rather the merit lies in the research and in “how you got there.”

“If everything in life goes as expected, life is kind of boring.” Continue reading “Active”



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I am not a victim.  I am not a survivor.  I am me. -Courtney Lovgren

When Courtney Lovgren and I began her interview, she started with saying, “I’m glad you are sitting down.”

I had already heard the shocking story about a incident that shook her family and nearly took the life of one of her siblings almost a year ago. So, I thought, no problem I can handle this.

Later that afternoon, when the interview was complete, Courtney and I both went to our homes and napped.

I hope you too are sitting down… Continue reading “Inspiration”


Colleen Van Spankeren at the Calgary Circus Studio

In the photo above she may look like a bad ass, but that’s the ultimate beauty of my friend forever, Colleen Van Spankeren; one day she looks as soft and as elegant as she truly is, at the next she is doing a physical feat that would make many grown men cry.

As a writer and a lover of people, one of the most challenging pieces to write are about someone you love more than words.

How does one write a story about an amazing human being whom you know her heart well enough to know how extremely humble–and even more private she is?

Maybe then, instead I will share with you the moment I knew this woman was going to be my friend forever. Continue reading “Balance”