Colleen Van Spankeren at the Calgary Circus Studio

In the photo above she may look like a bad ass, but that’s the ultimate beauty of my friend forever, Colleen Van Spankeren; one day she looks as soft and as elegant as she truly is, at the next she is doing a physical feat that would make many grown men cry.

As a writer and a lover of people, one of the most challenging pieces to write are about someone you love more than words.

How does one write a story about an amazing human being whom you know her heart well enough to know how extremely humble–and even more private she is?

Maybe then, instead I will share with you the moment I knew this woman was going to be my friend forever. Continue reading “Balance”


Sports Workshop Trojan Girls Basketball
Leslie McKernon living her work at Vagus Fitness

Coming on as an owner of Vagus Fitness, a unique gym in Royal Oak that focuses on individual personal training, was a huge leap of faith for 40-something Leslie McKernon, her two partners, and her family. Just as Leslie upholds the notion of living authentic in everyway, the trio of owners maintain that they do not just own a gym; they live it through their lifestyles.

“There is nothing bad about being really good at one thing and owning it – killing it,” declares McKernon. Continue reading “Authenticity”


Nicole Gulutzan at home in Calgary

When the Calgary Flames announced their new head coach in June of 2016, the city was excited for the “bench boss” to come and lead their team.  I, personally was overjoyed with hearing the news that Glen Gulutzan and his family were moving to Calgary as it meant I was going to be in the same town, once again after 40 years, as my childhood friend, his wife, Nicole Gulutzan (aka Nikki Foster). Continue reading “Happiness”


Meaghan Fitzpatrick, Fierce Love

I took the above photo, kind-of joking, because Meaghan Fitizpatrick has it all figured out: just keep your hand up, whether or not you need help, because by the time instructor, Janet Matiisen, passes by, on her way to another student, a question is sure to arise.

Then when Meaghan chose the word she most desires in each aspect of wellness: fierce, (well actually “fierce love”) I was sure it was the right photo, by the fierce look of determination on her face.

The word fierce is defined as a feeling, emotion or action that shows a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Meaghan’s heartfelt and powerful intensity radiates out of her through her feelings, emotions, and most important to her, her actions… of love. Continue reading “Fierce”



“In 2010, Will Johnson was added to the Stampeders’ Wall of Fame and a strong case can be made that he is overdue for enshrinement into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. He ranked eighth all-time in sacks when he retired — he’s now 11th — and finished just one agonizing sack shy of 100 in his career.” –(Quoted from the Calgary Stampeders website:

Will Johnson always seemed invincible…and a little intimidating with such a powerful presence at 6’5″.  I always thought that nothing could touch him or break him, as it was for most of his career on the field. When he told me that growing up he believed himself to be invincible, I had to laugh as we shared our commonalities. Apparently even a 5’2″ (and ½) little blonde who grew up with an air of invincibility can also seem little intimidating at times.

I learned from Johnson that as strong as one may be, anyone can break.  But finding the light through the cracks is where the next great victory lies. Continue reading “Unique”