Meaghan Fitzpatrick, Fierce Love

I took the above photo, kind-of joking, because Meaghan Fitizpatrick has it all figured out: just keep your hand up, whether or not you need help, because by the time instructor, Janet Matiisen, passes by, on her way to another student, a question is sure to arise.

Then when Meaghan chose the word she most desires in each aspect of wellness: fierce, (well actually “fierce love”) I was sure it was the right photo, by the fierce look of determination on her face.

The word fierce is defined as a feeling, emotion or action that shows a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Meaghan’s heartfelt and powerful intensity radiates out of her through her feelings, emotions, and most important to her, her actions… of love.

She does not want to have to shout to the world what she knows.  Meaghan hopes her message will be read through her writing, heard through the silence, and felt through her being; as she learns to trust in her presence.

Meaghan Fitzpatrick always has a smile to share. She started the journalism program one week late due to a miscommunication – which, by the way, was a startling disappointment to her, but thankfully it all worked out ­– and when this 26-year-old smiley face showed up we all couldn’t help but wonder who she was, where she came from and what in the world she was smiling about!

Her classmates describe her as positive. She is fiercely unafraid to ask or answer questions. She has even admitted, out-loud, that a comma should be placed in a sentence when the reader needs to take a breath, which we all were thinking but did not dare say,

Before Meaghan began journalism, she had one year of political science under her belt from the University of Calgary. She was drawn to political science because of her interest and love of people; she wanted to understand the “controlling forces of society.” Learning about the diversities of cultures, history, anthropology and philosophy brought her to seek in an outward direction, on her quest to make a difference in the world.  Discovering a life shattering family secret, which caused much pain to her and the ones she loves most, drew her to seek inward as she discovered she was just as sensitive as the rest of the world.

And so Meaghan’s evolution began. She switched from political science to holistic nutrition. She began reading books like Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss, which transformed her understanding of spirituality and existence also in more “wholistic” way. Having been raised with a strong foundation of faith, this new discovery brought her a sense of freedom where she could “show” her spirituality, not “tell” it.

You can just picture the entire life: past, present and future, of Meghan circulating to become one big purpose, of which, I am sure, will greatly impact this world on many levels.

The oldest of four children, Meaghan has always been the teacher, encourager and the nurturer of her siblings.  She was born in Scotland, and moved to Calgary when she was fourteen years old. Fourteen is a difficult enough 0f an age for a young girl discovering who she is, let alone to search for this sense of identity in the midst of a whole new culture and continent.

“A disconnect of who you are, because of where you are,” is how she describes it.

Meaghan has learned that her mind is stronger than her body.  She believes we all have our natures, which cause us to react completely differently to the same situations.  As she strives to find and live in the comforts of “home” she sometimes wonders if her body is meant to live the in the meadows, while her Scottish stubbornness refuses to hide out, and thrives on challenging the status quo.

And so, enters her partner, Roy Greig, whose own grandmother is Scottish, and who fills her heart with the perfect amount of give and take and yes and no, through his intensity yet simplicity.   Meeting Roy signalled a belonging and a safety, that to Meaghan, felt like Home.

Once you have touched that place of deep sorrow or pain, and have learned to reconnect with yourself, with others and with love, one’s definition of caring becomes much broader, yet, at the same time, much more intimate.

Meaghan’s story reminds me of the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Humans make her smile. She is inspired by reading, writing and music. Children and old people are beautiful to her with their genuine kindness.

If she could share one thing with the world that she knows it would be, “It’s all ok,” which, she believes if people really understood, so much pain, pressure and anxiety could be relieved.   If she had to pick a song for the soundtrack of her life, this season, it would be “February Tale.”

“I am passionate about lighting up the world in my own way.”

Her own way of fierce love…Lucky World.


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