Remebrance Day
Remembrance Day in Banff with Niko Mellino

When you meet Niko you immediately know there is a person with a story to tell. He is currently enrolled in the SAIT Journalism program upon returning to Calgary after moving to Mexico for a time.  His time in Mexico was a big turning point in his life as he met his dad again for the first time since he was a toddler.

Niko is a young man with an old soul. He is inspired by his own story because at such a young age he has already been through so much, yet he knows there is much more to come.

His many journeys in life are sure to find him that perfect place for him that he will know is home as he continues to travel and tell stories through his writing.

You rarely see Niko without his Yerba tea, which brings him comfort as it reminds him of his heritage and earliest memories in Argentina. His tea helps him emotionally, physically and mentally. He says it stimulates concentration and memory for him.

He has learned already that life is full of suffering, but it is through the hard times that makes the most simple moments worthwhile.

He smiles at corny jokes and appreciates a rising sun. Soccer and his erotic thoughts on life bring out his passion. Existence alone to him is a beautiful thing.

The word that Niko chose to sum up what he most desires in each aspect of wellness is freedom.

Niko defines what freedom means to him in the most perfectly poetic way:

Freedom, to me, is where you are safe within the realm of decisions, where your own identity dictates your perception of the world and you accept and appreciate everything else as it’s own entity.

The two things that make me think of Niko are his tea and his music. He can often be heard quietly singing Latino words, so I asked him to share some of his favourite music, which he added to my playlist and I so enjoy. He also let me taste his magical tea, which I will be sure to add to my tea repertoire. His kindness and generosity makes him want to share with others his own greatest comforts.  Thank you Niko for your gifts.


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