Motion Assignment 2
Kelly Blain and one of her best companions, June, in her home yoga studio.

Connection is what founder of Yoga For Freedom, Kelly Blain, the amazing woman, mother, wife, teacher, and most of all truth seeker is offering.  Connection is also Kelly’s word.

Kelly beautifully teaches, through a series of yoga classes, how to find our core of connection to free ourselves from damaging patterns that no longer serve us.  Connecting with one’s self and true spirit is what yoga means.  Kelly inspires her students to feel and know that place of joyful peace “that will never leave us emotionally or physically bankrupt, and we can’t overdose on it”.

“Realizing that to be human means we have a longing for love, acceptance and belonging,”  is how Kelly describes the first step to making healthy choices for ourselves and our world.

The “A” word (addiction) is one of those words that we no longer want to say because we are afraid of offending.  Perhaps this is because the truth is we all have times in our lives when we want to block out the world and fall into the trap of trying to fill our spiritual void with destructive or damaging patterns, which only leave us “forever longing”.  Kelly, has not only learned but shares through her Yoga For Freedom that what we are really searching for should be something healthy and sustaining; which comes from showing up each day and making the choice to love, to feel, to belong… all found through connection.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.” -Johann Hari

Kelly finds inspiration and passion  for what she does as she walks with her son on his journey through his struggles with addiction.

“That’s the truth,” says Kelly. “So many times I wanted to run away from addiction, but I can’t because it is my son.”  Through this maternal and eternal love, each day Kelly makes the choice to fight instead of flight.  By this same love she makes our world a better place.

Her friends, who describe her as resilient and strong, make her smile; as does her dog, June, who gets her out in nature where she finds the most beauty.  She adores “warmth and wood”.  She has learned that it takes a day or two to recover from a traumatic experience and knows the importance of giving one’s self that grace.

As she is coming into that place in her life where it is time for her to take care of herself and live her own passions, she is embracing those moments when something comes, like a lightbulb moment, into her realm of realization.  This time in her life, and these moments, are when she understands what it really means to be a woman, mother, wife, teacher and truth seeker.

Kelly’s  wish for the world is: To know that we are all connected and we are one.  We are all beings with a human experience.  With that knowing, with that love and respect, the world will be a better place.

Kelly is presently teaching this class at Yoga in Bowness

For more information about Kelly or Yoga For Freedom, please visit


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