Jared Hider, Recreation Programmer                                                  SAIT Recreation and Athletics

As Jared graciously invited me into the board room where all of the behind the scenes decisions are discussed and made at SAIT’s Athletics and Recreation, you could already tell he was passionate and articulate about his job.  Initially my meeting with Jared was to do an interview for a story on Yoga at SAIT.  Yet, of course, I was intrigued when I met him and wanted to know more about the person behind the program.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Health Education, he chose SAIT because of the fun and youthful energy in the school environment.  He enjoys helping the students reach their potential.

As we talked about the importance of all of the aspects of wellness Jared agreed that environmental was one that is often overlooked, but very important and should be considered as a fundamental dimension of each of the other aspects; which is part of the reason he does what he does, where he does it.  He appreciates the “shift” that is happening as people are taking into consideration the “whole person” rather than just the academics or the physical aspect.

All ready for his lunchtime workout, Jared walks his talk as he works, shares and lives realizing importance of taking care of one’s entire body.

His obvious general interest in people and natural curiosity will draw him to success.  His gentle nature will keep success drawn to him.

Balance was this very wise man’s word.  Of course it was!  Finding balance as we run on life’s treadmill or spin the wheels of all aspects of wellness is really the key to a fulfilled and abundant life.


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