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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet the beautiful and inspiring Erin O’Connor when I toured the new Calgary Film Centre.  The enormous responsibility that comes with her position as General Manager of this amazing 28 million dollar facility, involves not only being the face to the public and potential studio renters, but also the go to person for the many details required from the filming crews.

How Erin got to this place and position, is the real 28 million dollar question.

Even with an obvious attention to detail and strong work ethic, Erin still feels fortunate to have experienced the many career opportunities that she has had.

One key element to her success is her ability to know when her “job” was done, and being unafraid to close doors behind her when it is time to move on or jump into the next great adventure.  This has allowed for a constant flow of opportunities as she entered through the new doors that opened at “the right time and place.”

As an English Major she has been involved in the arts all her life, and finds it thrilling to see the entire production from every aspect; on stage as well as behind the scenes.  This has provided her with at “level of insight that is unique.” Her foundation as a dancer lead her to one day owning  a professional dance company, Decidedly Jazz, where she was Artistic Director and General Manager.  She then worked for six years for One Yellow Rabbit in management, taking on organizing the extraordinary High Performance Rodeo.  After a stint in Art with Contemporary Calgary, now…here she is… in the movies.

Erin’s word:  Well-being.  A word that reminds her of the importance of peace and calmness and living a life “where all is well.”


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