I needed to assemble my scattered thoughts to choose a definite theme and title to create a new blog for an assignment, but I also needed my hair done. And then it just happened.

Meet Andrea Gaudet, multitalented and multifaceted stylist who works at Diva Salon and Spa in Market Mall, Calgary, Alberta.

“Peace is the word that comes to mind,” said Gaudet when asked to choose a word that she would most desire in the seven main aspects of wellness.

At 33 years old Andrea knows a lot about snakes and sharks.  She also has a degree in Communications.  Finding and accepting who she is led her to doing what she is most passionate about, styling hair, with her inspiration deriving from other Stylists/Artists.

Acceptance was also the word that came as she talked openly about her unique ability to cry at the drop of a hat and the fact that she has spent her entire life afraid of quicksand, even though she never actually come in contact with any.  A simple text out of the blue from a friend makes her smile.  Clouds, to her, are beautiful.  Although perhaps she has not yet found – or maybe just not ready to talk about – her great loves, she definitely lights up when she talks about her precious God Children.

Fortunately for me, as she helped me with my assignment while my hair was in foils, she is not only interesting but she is interested, which is such a perfect combination to find peace through acceptance and become the beautiful human being she is.

And, in case you were wondering, my hair is fabulous!



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